Flag and Money: Functional Design

Flags represent countries (also states, organizations, etc.). Paper money represents value. What are the design needs for each of these?

Create your own country. You will make 3 Photoshop files each 600px wide x 300px height.

FLAG (save as GIF)

  • Most of the time made out of cloth
  • Solid blocks of color
  • Shapes and colors represent (something)
  • No gradients, no photographs, no drop shadows (How would you reproduce these in cloth?)

MONEY (2 files, front and back save as JPG)

  • Include name of country, denomination
  • Picture (of person?) on front; picture (monument or land?) on back
  • Biggest concern is counterfeiting, reproduction
  • Complex patterns, gradients, textures (to make it difficult for counterfeiters)