Ponzu and Viral Marketing

When products are featured in a movie or TV show it is often PRODUCT PLACEMENT – an advertiser is paying to show off their product (and unlike a commercial, viewers can’t just skip over it). This has been common in movies with cars, alcohol, candy, fast food and cigarettes. Reality TV Shows are filled with product placement.

Food Network’s “TOP CHEF” on 12/4/11 prominently featured a competition using PONZU, a new citrus-flavored soy sauce from Kikkoman brand.

Track and report on the success of this placement following 12/4/11.

  • Did searches for PONZU increase? How much?
  • Are foodie websites writing about PONZU? Writing about the use on TOP CHEF?
  • Are sales of PONZU sauce from Kikkoman brand going up?
What do you think about product placement in your favorite shows/movies? If you had a product to market, how would you use product placement to your advantage?