Captions for Yearbook

All captions will be Helvetica 8 point. They will be aligned left (unless picture has curved corners).

For pictures with multiple rows do not use “row 1” “row 2,” use “front row” “2nd row” “back row.” Only capitalize the word at the beginning or following a period. Do NOT put line returns between the rows.

Consolidate Captions – one caption can apply to multiple pictures; designate “Upper left, below, etc.”

In department group pictures teachers will be identified with first and last names. In other pictures teachers will be referenced as Mr. or Ms. (include period).

L to r is understood to mean left to right. You can leave off periods.

Capital letters should only be used at the start of a sentence (after a period).


Teachers participate in Food Festival. L to r: Mr. Ring, Mr. Barrios & Mr. Delaney; Ms. Pringle samples noodles; Mr. Papa enjoys chicken wings.

Upper left: Ms. Carter shows graphs to her math students; left: Mr. Zeeman helps students with equations; below: Ms. Zinkowich at the interactive whiteboard.

PLEASE NOTE: We want CONSISTENCY. The above is not necessarily the “correct” way, the “right” way or even the “best” way. But follow this so all captions are consistent.