Brooklyn Website, part 1

  1. go to> pickupdropoff > machtayh > pickup >
  2. get folder “brooklyn” and drag to your documents or desktop.
  3. Open file brooklyn.psd with Photoshop. Use this file to design main page of a website.
  4. Start with lowest layer. Choose a background (solid or “textured” pattern) appropriate for Brooklyn.
  5. Design a Logo that says “Brooklyn.” Choose appropriate typeface and colors.
  6. Choose a typeface, size, layout and positioning for Links. Don’t make them larger than 18 point. You can lay out the links horizontal or vertical. Make sure to place them where they’re easy for users to find.
  7. Lay out the images and the blocks of text. Be aware of ALIGNMENT! Lining things up will make it easier to construct the page in CSS-P.
  8. When you have layout complete, resize (or crop) the images in “images” folder. You want to have them be the correct size used on the page.
  9. NEXT: Writing CSS-P (Cascading Stylesheets Positioning)