Brooklyn Webpage, part 2

  1. In designing Brooklyn webpage in Photoshop remember ALIGNMENT. (It will be easier to construct if you line up elements on the page.)
  2. Under View in Menu Bar select Rulers. Rulers will appear.
  3. Under Photoshop in Menu Bar > Preferences > Units & Rulers. Use drop arrow to change top setting from Inches to Pixels.
  4. Now place guidelines from ruler at the left, right and top of each column. Check the exact sizes of the images on the page.
  5. Take JPGs in images folder and change them to the exact sizes used in your page design. (Mr. Machtay will demonstrate some easy ways to approach this.)
  6. CSS-P is based on constructing boxes (DIVs) on the page, and placing content in these boxes. To prepare for CSS-P write down each Div, the left indent (how far from 0 on X axis), the top indent (how far from 0 on Y axis), and the width of the column.

All of this should be done before Thursday’s class.