Neighborhood Websites, part 1

Students are assigned to teams based on neighborhoods. Each team will produce a website focused on A TEEN’S GUIDE TO SF NEIGHBORHOODS. What guidance would you give to a teenager who just moved into your neighborhood? Or to a teenager who was visiting your neighborhood? Where could they get a low-cost sandwich? Where could they shop for reasonably-priced clothes? Tell about a friendly barbershop or a park where you can get a pick-up basketball game or a community center.

1. TEAMS — Who will take on what responsibilities?

PRODUCTION MANAGER: Keep track of what is done, what needs to be done, when it is done and who did it. What articles are already handed in? What pages are constructed?

EDITOR: Proofread all articles, prepare them for the site.

LEAD DESIGNER: Take the lead in making sure all design elements are set. Take the finished design and make sure all JPGs and GIFs are in the images folder. Resize and prep all photos.

LEAD CODER: Take charge of coding the site and perfecting the CSS-P. This includes buttons/links.

2. ARTICLES — Due Friday, January 27

Each student on the team will write two articles. Each article will be 200 to 250 words. Each article should be about something of interest in your neighborhood.

3. DESIGN — Master Template Design in Photoshop

Once your team has decided on the articles for the site, you need to plan the links/menu. How many pages will there be? How will you organize the content?

For instance:

  • Choice A: Each article is on its own page
  • Choice B: One page is for Places to Eat. Another page is for Outdoor Spaces, etc.
  • Choice C: There are sections: a food section with pages under that heading; a shopping section with pages under that heading.

Then each member of the team will create a design for the site in Photoshop. Work individually. Complete design by end of class 1/25. On Friday, team will determine which design elements to use.