Neighborhood Websites, Design in Photoshop

Neighborhood Website Basics

Each team member will create a design for their website template (a layout that will be used for all pages in the website). Keep in mind what was learned on “Brooklyn Webpage” assignment — this design will be translated into CSS-P.

Photoshop > New File > 800px wide by 600px ht.

Elements to Consider:

  • Background or Background Color appropriate for the site
  • Logo that represents the neighborhood
  • Menu/Links — work out with teammates what will be listed? See reference in part one of Neighborhood Websites assignment (link above). Don’t make the links too large; consider size of links on other sites.
  • Main Article — Where will it be placed? How wide will the column be?
  • Sidebar or Pullquote (Mr. Machtay will discuss with class)
  • Images — Make them large! Make the page visual!

Complete your design by Friday, January 27. On Monday, teams will select elements from different designs and develop a composite design.