Name Animation in Flash

You will make an animation of your first name that runs at least 5 seconds.

  • Change the size of the stage. Depending on length of name and design you can choose 500px wide x 200px ht or 400px wide x 400px ht.
  • Change the background color. Do not leave it white.
  • Make each letter a Graphic Symbol in the Library.
  • Place each letter (symbol) on its own layer & name the layers.
  • Make sure your animation will loop — begin and end with blank screen.
  • Use Motion Tweens.
  • Use Transform Tool.
  • Use Instance Properties to change Tint and Alpha of Symbols.
  • You may add shape(s) to interact with the letters.
  • Make the finished product an attractive, fun animation that represents YOU.
  • Hand in SWF (white icon) not FLA (red icon).