Rolling Wheel Animation

Now that the class has mastered the basics in Flash animation, we will be inserting an animation inside an animation. So far the only symbols you’ve created have been graphics. Now you will create a symbol that is a movie clip.

  • Create a wheel. (Make sure there is some variation so that you can tell when the wheel is turning.)
  • Group the wheel and save it as a symbol in the library.
  • Then, in menu bar select Insert > New Symbol. From New Symbol dialogue box choose Movie Clip. Name this new symbol wheel rolling.
  • There will be a timeline and a blank stage. Insert the graphic symbol wheel onto the stage. Then place a keyframe on frame 12. Frame 1 and frame 12 will be identical (so the wheel symbol will loop).
  • Convert frame 3 to keyframe; rotate wheel 90 degrees clockwise. Convert frame 6 to keyframe; rotate wheel 90 degrees clockwise. Convert frame 9 to keyframe; rotate wheel 90 degrees clockwise. Then apply motion tween to the layer.
  • Return to Scene 1. Remove graphic symbol wheel and place movie clip symbol wheel turning onto the stage. Even though the “movie” is only one frame in duration, test movie. You should see the wheel turning.
  • Now proceed to make an animation showing a vehicle with wheels. This can be a car, a bike, a skateboard, or anything else with turning wheels.
  • There are two ways to show movement. (1) the background stays still and the foreground item moves (car moves down a road); or (2) the foreground item stays still and the background moves (car is static and background moves behind it).
  • In your animation, have the vehicle begin and end off the stage (so the movie will loop). Begin with the vehicle moving onto the stage. Then have the vehicle stay still and have the background move. Then have the background stay still and have the vehicle move off the stage on the other side.