Neighborhood Websites, next steps

The team needs to make final decisions today about the design of your neighborhood website.

  • Colors or background design?
  • Logo?
  • Links?
  • Layout?

At that point team members need to do work in their specific jobs.

EVERYONE: You need original photos for your website. If you need to borrow a camera, leave your student ID card with Mr. Machtay. Work cooperatively as a team.

Create a site folder in your team account. The name of folder should be simple, all lower case, no spaces, no special characters (for instance: sesf, mission, etc.). This will become part of your site’s URL (web address).

LEAD DESIGNERS: Inside site folder will be a folder named images. You will gather all assets into images folder: logo, buttons, background image, images — all sized correctly and saved as either JPGs or GIFs (as appropriate).

EDITORS: Create a folder called text that is separate from site folder. Make sure all articles are in this folder. Correct the spelling and grammar. Break the content into paragraphs. Make sure vital info is in each article (location, hours, prices of food, etc.).

LEAD CODERS: Inside site folder start constructing a file in Dreamweaver called template.html. Make sure all coding is in place for positioning of content and also formatting. This page will have to be perfect before it gets copied and used to construct all the pages on your site.

PROJECT MANAGERS: Create a Word file with a table.

  • First list all articles. Next to each article put boxes to check off: Submitted; Edited; Photos.
  • Then list each page of the site. Next to each page put boxes to check off: Articles submitted; Articles edited; Photos; Page contents in place; QA (quality assurance).

Mr. Machtay will want a printout of this file each week.