Galileo Folder Cover

Each Fall Galileo gives out folders to all students. Inside are pockets containing important documents as well as written information about the school. On the front is a folder cover design.

Each student in Computer Art 2 and 4 will create at least one folder cover design in Photoshop.

STEP 1: Check how much free space is in your account! If it is less than 100MB throw out files you don’t need. Throw out any EXE files, any videos, any games. If you collected large photos to use in other class projects, throw them out now. Then EMPTY TRASH (otherwise the files are still present).

STEP 2: New Photoshop file 8 inches wide by 10.5 inches high, 150 ppi (resolution). This is sized for paper (not screen). You will work only in black and white.

STEP 3: You can use images from pickupdropoff > machtayh > pickup > galpics09, 10, 11. You can also take your own images.

STEP 4: Be creative! Think of something original. Also, be precise and careful! If you are lining up images, make sure they are in perfect alignment. Be aware of spacing. Be aware of placement of words.

STEP 5: At the end of the process DO NOT use “save for web” — saving for web will change the resolution to 72ppi and this is not correct for printing on paper.