Zine, part 1 (Logo)

A wealthy person has given you money to create a prototype of a zine to appeal to teenagers. (A zine is like a magazine, but less formal, with more of a homemade-by-young-people feel. A prototype is a first model, an original of a product that serves as a sample/example for the future.)

Choose the type of content for your zine. Consider options below:

  • Sports
  • Gamer
  • Celebrities
  • Beauty & Dating
  • Other?

The first step is to choose a name and a topic for your zine. Then design 3 different logos using that name. Keep in mind what colors, what typefaces would appeal to teenagers. Make sure it’s easy to read and will attract buyers.

Make the logo size either 400px w x 300px ht, or 600px w x 200px ht. Save as JPGs.