Zine Cover

Last week you designed a Logo for a Magazine aimed at teenagers. You chose what sort of magazine it would be (entertainment, sports, fashion, gamer, etc.) and chose a name

Now you will design a Cover for the Magazine. You will create a new file in MS Word and the cover should include:

  • Logo — to attract attention, define identity (give clues to potential readers)
  • Tag Line — like a subtitle to the logo, it gives information to readers (and could also be a teaser to entice readers)
  • Lead Article — most prominent picture on the cover; this is the article that is going to get the most reader interest, the one that will cause people to buy the magazine.
  • Secondary Articles — 2 or 3 smaller pictures; give breadth and variety to the magazine so readers see there is more to it than just one article.


  • Visual Arts Concept: HIERARCHY (what’s most important? what’s second most important?)
  • What kind of look would attract teen readers? What colors? What typefaces? What designs?