Branding with Photoshop

On All assignments below, save final work as JPGs, begin names with 5lastname, and put into dropoff folder as per teacher’s instructions.

Assignment 1

Use the basic skills the class learned in Photoshop to create three Galileo logos, each one 400px wide by 200px height.

  • gallogo1 – banner for football team, big bold and attention-getting
  • gallogo2 – business card for principal, professional-looking, serious, classy
  • gallogo3 – logo for Galileo of your choice

Assignment 2

Create 3 Name Logos, also 600px wide by 200px height. Select one adjective that describes you (quiet, silly, tall, cute) and create three designs displaying your first name – each design should reflect your adjective.

Assignment 3

You will create four files, each one 400 px by 400px. See assignment at DESIGN WITH TYPE. On each of these 400×400 files you will create three logo designs for one of the schools listed.

See the link to sample school logos. In each case, be aware of the type of school and how the school wants to brand itself to the public. Your choice of typeface, color, design elements should communicate that branding.