One last lasso assignment

You will be graded on neatness, precision, and how real you can make the image look.

You will create two images using lasso to cut out shapes, each will be 400px x 600px or 600px x 400px.

1. Image of You combined with another image: You can make this a “twins” project or you can place yourself with someone famous or in a historic situation. But make it look realistic! Cut out the image as neatly as possible (always use feathering) and try to match the coloring and lighting.

2. Imaginary Landscape: Combine at least three different pictures. Be aware of camera angle and lighting (is the camera looking down? looking up?). Do NOT use any San Francisco locations. Do not simply place cut outs of buildings. Place layers in order (what is in front should be on a layer in front, do not do “see-through cut-outs” in the background). Make it neat, precise and realistic looking.

Due May 18th.