Galileo Banners

CHALLENGE: You will use basic Photoshop skills to design three banners for Galileo. Each will be 400px wide by 200px height, at 72ppi. Each must use an image of a Lion, Galileo colors (purple and gold/orange), and words (Galileo, Galileo Lions, Galileo Academy or Galileo Academy of Science & Technology). Each will demonstrate student understanding of and skill with Layer Styles and Filters used appropriately.

  1. FOOTBALL TEAM BANNER: Bold, bright, easy to see at a distance
  2. PRINCIPAL’S BUSINESS CARD: Businesslike, professional, serious
  3. YOUR CHOICE: Express yourself!

Create a folder named class period-last name-first initial-galbanner (example: 2machtayhgalbanner); save each Galileo Banner as a JPG, place in folder, drop off folder into pickupdropoff > machtayh > dropoff folder.