Name Banners

Each student will design 3 banners displaying their first name, 400px wide by 200px height, saved as JPGs and placed in a folder named per class protocol.

Class will discuss the way adjectives are used to describe people. The same adjectives can be used to describe designs (wild, professional, bold, gloomy, etc.). Each student will select one adjective that describes them and use that adjective to inspire the designs for the three first name banners.

Designs will be made with lettering, colors and patterns. No images will be used.

ADDITION — DUE FRIDAY: Write 50-100 words explaining your adjective and how your design choices reflect your adjective. Example below:

I chose the adjective ________ because ________.

I used the colors ________ because ________. I used the typefaces ________ because. My design included ________ because ________.