Photoshopping Images

Each student will download the folder “compartfall12” from the machtayh > pickup folder. Save this folder either to your documents or to your desktop.

Students will learn the skills required to “Photoshop” images (combining and changing images) and then demonstrate their skills with two challenges.

PRACTICE WITH LASSO: Open file windows.psd in Photoshop. Make sure the top layer is selected and visible. Cut out the middle of the window with the Lasso Tool set to 0 Feathering. Then change the Feathering on the Lasso Tool to 1. Zoom in. As carefully as possible, cut out the edges of the window. Don’t damage the building!

PRACTICE WITH CLONE STAMP TOOL: Open file courtyard.psd in Photoshop. You will use the Clone Stamp Tool to make all the people disappear. BUT the picture has to look realistic. You will cover the people with pieces from the background.

IMAGINARY LANDSCAPE: You will create a new Photoshop file 600px wide X 400px height, hand in PSD file. Go to google image search and find at least 3 large pictures of landscapes (mountains, lakes, buildings, waterfalls, etc.). You must combine 3 pictures to create an imaginary landscape. One of those three pictures must be of San Francisco. When combining pictures please be aware of camera angle and direction of the light. You will need to use both the Lasso and the Clone Stamp.

Write 50-100 words about your Imaginary Landscape. You can either describe this place or write a very short story that takes place in your landscape.

TWINS: You will create a Photoshop file 600px wide X 400px height, hand in PSD file. Each student will take photographs of themselves using Photo Booth on the Macs.  Combine at least two of these pictures. Use the Lasso and Clone Stamp tools to make this picture look as realistic as possible.

NOTE: The reason you will be handing in PSD files is that Mr. Machtay wants to check how neatly you cut out images with the Lasso.