Implied Action/Metaphorical Montage

Two Video Projects


When you see someone in a movie hit by a car or fall off a cliff, that didn’t really happen in front of the cameras. It was done with a series of close-up shots (combined with wide or medium shots) that “imply” the action. Your team will make a very short video with one implied action incident (approx. 10 seconds). Use close-ups.


In a Metaphorical Montage, time is condensed through a series of shots that could span days or years. A great example is the story of the Fredericksens’ marriage in the movie UP. Each individual shot gives the audience a great deal of information. We are shown a glass jar with a label reading “Paradise Falls”; each time a person walks by putting change in the jar they’re wearing a different outfit indicating it’s a different day. Then we see a flat tire and the jar is broken. Mr. Fredericksen is in the hospital with his leg in a cast and a different jar is broken. A tree branch falls on the roof and yet another jar is broken. Then there’s a montage of the wife tying different ties on Mr. Fredericksen. When we finally see his face, he is old and gray and wearing a bow tie.

Choose a story that takes place over a long period of time for your Metaphorical Montage. You can show a day of school or a year of school. You can show a progression of a student who improves or a student who gets lazier and sloppier. You can show someone learning a skill (kicking a football?) and getting in shape. The finished movie should be one to two minutes in length.