Presentation About a Movie

If you need Out-of-Class hours you can also do a presentation for the class about a movie. You can choose a classic movie or a current movie. You will need to create a PowerPoint presentation to accompany your oral presentation. This PowerPoint will be handed in to Mr. Machtay and account for part of your grade.

  1. Provide a synopsis of the movie: What happens? How does it happen?
  2. What is special/unique/interesting about the director’s choices?
    Write about the choice of camera shots, editing, music, acting styles, settings, effects
  3. Compare this movie to other movies you’ve seen. How is it different? How is it similar?
  4. Find two “legitimate” reviews (not just some online website, check with instructor on this) and quote from them. Explain why you either agree or disagree with the reviewer.
  5. What do you think about this movie? What do you like or not like? Why?

A = 3 hours
B = 2.25 hours
C = 1.5 hours
D or F = 0