Your Web1 Folder

  1. Rename your web1 folder: 5lastnamefirstinitialweb1
  2. You will hand in your web1 folder on Wednesday, September 26 by the end of class
  3. Save your 3 Galileo Banners as JPGs and place them in the web1 > images folder
  5. Inside web1 > brooklyn folder you must have completed brooklyn.html constructed with CSS-P, all images in place and stylesheets defining paragraph tags (at a minimum)
  6. In the web1 folder you must have completed:
      • backgrounds.html (with all bg gifs in web1 > images folder)
      • color.html (lettering must be easy to read against background)
      • stylesheets.html (with all styles defined in head of file)

GRADING: This is what you’ll be graded on in your web1 folder:

Brooklyn HTML Page: Is CSS-P correct? Are the images sized  correctly? Are stylesheets appropriate? Does positioning make good use of space on the page?

File Naming, Format, Placement: All files should be named 5lastname… followed by assignment name. Only JPGs and GIF images inside images folder. HTML pages should be in web1 folder (or in brooklyn folder). NO PSD files included in folder that you hand in.

Completed JPGs: Galileo Banners, Landscape, Twins images should be neatly done and fulfill the assignments. Landscape and Twins graded on how realistic and neat they look. Banners based on principles of good design and how appropriate they are for football/business card.

HTML Pages: Backgrounds.html should have each cell filled with a different background image; lettering must be readable against that background. Colors.html must have correct colors placed for backgrounds and for text in each cell. Stylesheets.html should have student’s choice of styles for each of the named Selector (e.g., p, ul, p.small, etc.)