New CSS Page

Students will continue to work inside their WEB1 folders.

JPGs of IMAGINARY LANDSCAPE and TWINS PROJECT need to be inside IMAGES folder. GIF of COLORTABLE also inside IMAGES folder.

Write 100 words: IF I COULD SPEAK TO 1,000,000 PEOPLE… This Quickwrite will be placed on your new webpage.

Design your page in Photoshop. Do not change the sizes of images already in your IMAGES folder. Create a LOGO for the head of the page with your first name. As you design, be aware of DIVs (rectangular blocks that will hold images and words).

In DREAMWEAVER start a new file called index.html inside the WEB1 folder. Place STYLESHEETS in the head of the file. Set formatting styles for text. Define DIVs for placement of content on the page.

Your page needs to have links to BACKGROUNDS.HTML, COLOR.HTML, STYLESHEETS.HTML and BROOKLYN.HTML; also a link to PROJECT.HTML.

You will then construct another webpage from content you created for another Galileo class (this could be a book review for English class or a report for Science class). This page must have at least 300 words of text and at least two images. It should include links to all the pages listed above, as well as a link back to INDEX.HTML.

NOTE: Capitol letters are used here for emphasis. Name all files, all folders, all images, and all coding within pages with lowercase letters.