How-To Video

Each team will create an instructional How-To Video between one and two minutes in length.

Your team could choose how to make something in the kitchen (baking chocolate chip cookies), how to make a craft project (how to make a felt mustache for Halloween), how to do a specific athletic move (how to do an ollie on a skateboard), or something technical (how to use a specific software or how to hook up computer peripherals) — but it must be a step-by-step process, instructions that a viewer could follow. (It cannot be “how to ask a girl on a date” or “how to get a better grade.”)

Thursday’s class will focus on creating storyboards. It would be advisable to have create a storyboard so you know what shots and camera angles you need. Your finished work will be judged on how easily a person could follow the instructions based upon what you show onscreen.