Logo then Ad

Mr. Machtay has showed you examples of good logo design. The logo should represent the product, create a design out of multiple words, be clear and easy to see/read. Creating products aimed at teens means using colors, typefaces and design elements that will appeal to the teen market.

You will create three logo designs for an original product brand (start the design 300px X 300px, fill the space but then crop the image as appropriate). Select one of the following products and target markets:

  • Market Shrimp Chips to American Teens (in Wisconsin)
  • Market Spicy Chili Rellenos to American Teens
  • Market Milk to Latino Teens
  • Market Make-up to Asian Teen Girls
  • Market Pickles to Teens

Complete these on Tuesday, October 16. Then select one of your logos and create three advertisements in an Ad Campaign. Mr. Machtay will review what makes an ad campaign (three ads should share logo, typefaces, color schemes, style or filter of picture(s), general layout).

LOGOS: 3 Logos, start each file at 300px X 300px, fill the space, but then you can crop the image as appropriate. Save as JPG or GIF — Mr. Machtay will discuss choice of formats.

AD CAMPAIGN: 3 Ads that go together as an Ad Campaign. Each one 600px ht X 400px w. Use one of your logos on all three. Save as JPG (since it will have a photograph). Make sure your images and designs appeal to teenagers.