Duet CD Project

You have been hired by a big record producer to design the CD Cover (and other materials) for a hot new duet by two music stars.

Create a new collaboration – two music stars who have never worked together before (hint, you could be one of them). Create the name of the new CD (it cannot be the name of an existing album or song, make something new). What should the design communicate? Make sure your designs reflect the kind of music.

1. Design 3 different CD covers, each 300px X 300px. Make sure both of your music stars are shown on the cover. Make it appealing to buyers. How can you balance the size of the images and the size of the lettering?

2. Choose one of the CD covers and use it as inspiration to design a Poster for the Summer Tour (that will support the CD release). The Poster will be 400px wide by 600px height. Make sure the name of the Tour and the names of the Performers are most prominent. But you also need to include the location, the dates of performances, where to buy tickets, and the name of the producer/production company.

3. Based on the designs you have already created, design a logo to go on a hat (to be sold on the tour). This design can only be one color plus black (or one color plus white), 300px X 300px (and save it as a GIF).

All of these are due in a folder called CD at the end of this week, October 26. Place in machtayh > dropoff.