Political Posters with Layer Masks

You have been hired to make political posters for one of the California 2012 Propositions.

1. Research:  Go to website :https://voterguide.sos.ca.gov/propositions/ Read about Propositions: 30, 34, 37.  Then select Pro or Con on one of propositions.

2. Quickwrite: Write 50 words that begin: “I choose [yes/no] on Prop _____ because _______.”  Be sure to include your name and period.

3. Design Posters: You will design 3 posters that support your position on the proposition.  Each poster will be 400px wide by 600 px height or 600 px wide and 400 height.  Saved as a .jpg.  Each Poster must have a saying or slogan that communicates your position. As well as at least one of the different layer masks.


a) First Poster uses a Shape Layer Mask.

b) Second Poster uses a Text Layer Mask.

c) Third Poster uses a Gradient Layer Mask.