Midterm & 2nd MP Grades

Grades for 2nd marking period will be based on:

  • 33% Web1 Folder
  • 33% Midterm
  • 33% Flash Projects (Falling Leaves, Face, Rolling Wheel)

Re-Take for Midterm is Wednesday, November 7. If you have an unexcused absence that day your grade from the original Midterm will remain unchanged. If you have an excused absence on November 7, you will have an opportunity to improve your grade (but Mr. Machtay needs official excuse note by Friday, November 9). The test will include:

  • Understanding Colors in RGB & Hexadecimal
  • Formatting for Photoshop & Flash: PSD, JPG, GIF, FLA, SWF
  • Photoshop Filters, Options, Layer Styles, Toolbar
  • Elements of Flash: Symbol, Keyframe, Tween
  • Identifying Flash Interface
  • Flash Transformations & Properties
  • HTML & CSS Code (identify errors in a line of code)