Rolling Wheel Animation

This will be the class’s first use of MOVIE CLIP SYMBOLS within a Flash animation. Up till now all our symbols have been Graphics.


  1. Create a new graphic called “wheel.” Make sure you design it so you can see whether it turns.
  2. In Menu Bar, go to INSERT > NEW SYMBOL. Select MOVIE CLIP SYMBOL, name it “rolling.”
  3. Check the Breadcrumb Trail. You are now in Scene 1 > rolling. Insert Graphic Symbol “wheel” on the stage.
  4. Go to Frame 13 and CONVERT TO KEYFRAME. (Now Frame 1 and Frame 13 are identical, so the Movie Clip will Loop.)
  5. Then Convert Frame 4 to Keyframe. Rotate Graphic “wheel” 45° clockwise.
  6. Convert Frame 7 to Keyframe. Rotate Graphic “wheel” 45° clockwise.
  7. Convert Frame 10 to Keyframe. Rotate Graphic “wheel” 45° clockwise.
  8. Apply MOTION TWEEN to the layer.
  9. Return to Scene 1. Remove Graphic Symbol “wheel” from the Stage. Insert Movie Clip Symbol “rolling” onto the stage.
  10. Then TEST MOVIE. Even though there is only one frame in the movie, you will see the wheel “roll” because it’s a Movie Clip Symbol.


You will create a scene in which there are at least two wheels rolling (using Movie Clip Symbol “rolling” on two different layers). There must be a vehicle/car (or bike, or skateboard, or cart, or something on wheels) created as a Graphic Symbol and placed on its own layer.

The two ways to show movement on the Stage: 1. the vehicle moves across the background; 2. the vehicle is static and the background moves (however, even when the vehicle is static, the wheels keep turning/rolling).

  1. FIRST, show the vehicle moving onto the stage from left to right.
  2. Then when vehicle is in the middle of the Stage, show the background moving toward the left. (For extra credit have two layers of background — the closer one moves faster than  the further one.)
  3. Then have the background stop and have the vehicle move off the stage to the right.
  4. F0r more credit, include one other Movie Clip Symbol in your animation. For instance, Sun with Beams Moving or Bird with Wings Flapping.
NOTE: This animation will NOT loop.
Hand in SWF file due Monday, February 4th