Design Principle Animation

The class will learn about 6 Design Principles. These are three sets of opposites:

  • BALANCE vs. EMPHASIS – mostly about positioning of elements
  • HARMONY vs. CONTRAST – mostly about colors
  • UNITY vs. VARIETY – mostly about the elements in image

In a painting class you would likely be asked to create two different paintings showing two of these principles. Since we’re working with Flash animation, you will make one animation that starts with one design principle and then changes to show the opposite principle.

Mr. Machtay will show examples of these principles from classical art, and also examples from previous students’ Flash animations.

Your animation should be at least 120 frames (10 seconds). For extra credit see if you can “tell a story” with your animation (instead of just having shapes move around)!

Hand in SWF file to Dropoff. Due Tuesday, Nov. 20.