SF Ads

You have been hired by the San Francisco Tourist Board to create an ad campaign to encourage people who live in San Francisco to go out and visit sites around the city.

You will create an ad campaign comprised of three ads, each 400px wide by 600px height. The three ads will have the same logos, typefaces, slogans, and styles — different pictures, but positioned and treated the same way. JPG images are available at pickupdropoff > machtayh > pickup > sfpics. See examples: https://machtay.com/sanfran/sampleads.html.

By the end of block day you will hand in a sheet describing your campaign. The questions you will answer are the same questions you used to describe the ads in the A, B, C, D exercise:

  • Product (San Francisco)
  • Logo (Describe typeface(s) and colors)
  • Slogan (Same on all three ads)
  • Additional Text (Different on each ad)
  • Main Picture (Different on each ad)
  • Who is Target Audience? (Be specific — age, race, etc.)
  • What is Message?

Due Tuesday, Nov. 20.