Applying Aristotle’s Elements of Drama

In Aristotle’s POETICS, the Greek philosopher defined the building blocks of drama.

  • PROTAGONIST: The “hero,” the central character
  • ANTAGONIST: Who (or what) the hero fights/battles/struggles against
  • BEGINNING: Nothing needs to come before this (that which nothing need precede)
  • END: Nothing is needed after this (that which nothing need follow)
  • MIDDLE: Forward movement of action from Beginning to End
  1. Choose your favorite movie and describe who (or what) is the Protagonist? The Antagonist? How is the beginning of your movie “that which nothing need precede”? How is the end “that which nothing need follow”? How does the middle move the action forward from beginning to end?
  2. The class will watch the documentary AKA DON BONUS. Be prepared to discuss Aristotle’s five elements of drama in the DON BONUS movie.
  3. Later in the semester each student will present a proposal for a spring video project. Be prepared to reference Aristotle’s five elements of drama in your proposal.