“How Stuff Works” Animation

You will use Flash animation to show HOW SOMETHING WORKS. Keep in mine the principles of using Flash


  • Look through your science class textbook. From Physiology/Biology you could show how blood flows through the chambers of the heart. From Chemistry you could show how the atoms in two different elements interact.
  • Go to howstuffworks.com or ehow.com and look for visual images showing how something works – a catapult, an airplane, an underwater breathing apparatus. Search for something you’re curious about or for something you’re interested in.
  • What is your interest? You could show how to do a particular move on a skateboard. Or show how the wheels on a bicycle turn as the peddles move up and down. Show how to tie a tie or how to wrap a present (with a bow on top). You could show what happens when a car starts or how a sewing machine works. Or you could show what happens when you press a key on the computer keyboard.

Due Dec. 5