Refine Photoshopping Skills

There has been some sloppy work recently when it comes to lassoing and cutting out images in Photoshop. This challenge is purely about demonstrating your skills. Take time and take care with the work (it will go into your final grade).

Put a picture of yourself together with another picture. Make your file 600px x 400px (either landscape or portrait). Hand in layered PSD file so Mr. Machtay can check how neatly you cut out the image.

In choosing a picture online:

  • Choose a realistic picture. Your goal is to make it look real. That won’t work with a fantasy picture.
  • You need to find a picture that matches the lighting of your picture.
  • Do not use “glamor head shots” of actors or singers. You won’t be able to match the photo studio lighting.
  • Since you’re taking your photo indoors, it will be easier to match with another indoor picture.
  • Make sure there’s enough space to place yourself in the picture you choose. Don’t place yourself against a blank background. Using the background is part of the challenge.
  • You can put yourself into a picture to replace another person who’s in that picture. But don’t just insert your face! The challenge is for you to neatly cut out the picture of yourself.
  • Keep your cut-out image LARGE (large enough to show how neatly you did the cut-out).
  • Remember foreground/background SIZE! The larger image is in front of the smaller image. If you’re resizing an image, try to match the height of faces.
  • Remember you can’t cut on the background layer. If you try, you’ll only be painting with the background color.
  • AND KEEP THE IMAGE IN PROPORTION!!! You will loose a full letter grade if you stretch or squish an image. Always hold down shift and grab the corner to re-size an image.

Due Friday Nov. 30. Name the file 1lastnamecutout.psd.