Movie Posters

Create a new, original movie. It must be a “period piece,” either set in the past or the future. Come up with:

  • Movie Title
  • Actor(s)/Actress(es) (at least two)
  • Slogan for Movie

You will then proceed to create three different posters for that movie (same title, same slogan, same stars for all three posters).

  • Include at least three images: two actor(s)/actress(es) and some setting/background.
  • Include Title, Actors’ Names, and Slogan. Remember Hierarchy: Title of movie is most important.
  • Do not use cartoon images. You need to show Photoshop skills with images.
  • Take care in cutting out images as neatly as possible. Keep images in proportion.
  • Use Filters, Layer Styles and Layer Masks.
  • Give client different options. Don’t use the same typeface or same colors on multiple movie posters, show variety.
  • Fill the space! Use the space well. Don’t leave a big chunk of empty space unless it is well thought-out and purposeful.