Why do some people post…?

The teacher is asking you a question that he does not know how to answer. So read through the following and give this some serious thought.

Why do some people post certain messages on the internet?

Last Friday there was a terrible tragedy and 20 very young children were murdered. Over the weekend the father of one of the young victims spoke about his daughter — he was eloquent, sensitive, and generous in his time of grief. Comments were posted beneath the video. Most of the comments were respectful and sensitive to this man’s situation. BUT there were some comments that were filled with filthy language, some hateful comments that were filled with insults, and some that were just dumb and silly.

Filthy language, hateful insults and silliness? You’ve all seen these messages online. Maybe you’ve posted something like this just because you were in a silly mood. But, c’mon, this man’s six-year-old daughter was just murdered!

Why do you think some people post messages like these? What kind of people do you think post messages like these? Would you ever want to post messages like these? What would it take to make people stop posting mean, hurtful and dumb things on the internet? (Or is that even possible?)