After seeing the movie REVOLUTIONARY OPTIMISTS and speaking with the filmmakers on December 19th, choose one of the writing prompts below and write 50-100 words (due January 7th):

  1. The filmmakers are shining a spotlight on the efforts of Amlan Ganguly and the work he is doing in the slums of Kolkata. What worthwhile efforts could you focus a spotlight on in San Francisco?
  2. The children question and fight on the issue of getting a water tap for their community. What is missing/what could be better in San Francisco that you would want to question and fight for?
  3. In his school Ganguly teaches the students that nobody should be considered lower because of their caste (skin color). Some people in India would consider this a radical idea. But he wants to teach his students to think in a new way. If you could teach young people here, what ideas would you want to get across to them to make them think in a new way?