Cut-Out Review

Students need to review skills with lasso tool. How neatly can you cut out an image for Photoshopping?

You will combine a picture of yourself with another picture. You can put yourself together with a singer or sports star, put yourself in a famous location, or put yourself in a scene from a movie. Your goal is to make it look realistic. You will have to do a very neat and careful job of cutting out the image of yourself.

Finished image should be 400px by 600px (or 600px by 400px). You will hand in completed work as a layered PSD file so Mr. Machtay can check how carefully you cut out the image.

  • Remember to FEATHER the Lasso tool. Do not cut at 0!!! Feather at 1. Make feathering softer for hair.
  • You can NOT do a neat cutting job using the Magic Wand tool.
  • Do NOT cut on the background layer! (If you do you’re only painting with the background color.)
  • Keep proportion when changing the size of an image: hold down shift and grab the image by the corner to change size.
  • Match the lighting in the two pictures. Two indoor pictures more likely to match than mixing indoor/outdoor. How bright is the light? Which direction is the light? Do not use a “studio headshot” from an actor or performer — you can’t match the lighting.