Name Animation

You will create an animation with your first name. The animation must be at least 90 frames long. Name it 2lastnamename and hand in the SWF file (white icon, not red).

  • Resize the Flash Screen to 600px wide by 200px ht. Choose a background color.
  • Leave two blank layers at the bottom for your background animation. On these two layers you will place Shape Tweens to make this animation more visually interesting.
  • Place the first letter of your name on its own layer. Group that letter and put it in the Library. Rename the layer.
  • Do the same for each remaining letter of your name. Each letter must be on its own layer, and must be grouped and saved as a symbol to the Library.
  • Start the animation with all the letters off the Stage. Have them move onto the stage, make it visually interesting.
  • Once all the letters are in Final Position, add an additional 30 frames at the end of the animation where the letters and background do not move.