Pathway/Academy Ad Campaign

This is a 2-part project. You must hand in part 1 by Friday, January 25th, in order to get feedback and proceed with part 2.

Images can be found in pickupdropoff > machtayh > pickup > academypathways folder. Select  a few images to save to your desktop. Do NOT take the entire folder; the contents are too large for your account.

All completed work 600px height x 400px width, JPGs, in folders.


You will create three different choices for an ad for Galileo’s Media Arts Pathway.

  • Treat it like a print advertisement, similar to the advertisements we dissected and analyzed in class.
  • There will be a logo, a slogan, a main picture, plus other pictures and additional text if needed to communicate your idea.
  • Consider: Who is your target audience? And what are you trying to communicate?

Why 3 DIFFERENT ads? The first thing you want to deliver to a client is some “rough drafts” which show a variety of different ideas and different choices. Use different typefaces, different layout/positioning of elements, different filters or effects on images.

Hand in 3 JPGs with these 3 different designs by Friday January 25th; folder named 5lastnamemap. Mr. Machtay will provide feedback on Monday so you can continue with part 2 of this project.


In an ad campaign all the ads share certain similarities. These include:

  • Same logo
  • Same (or similar) slogan
  • Same typeface
  • Same positioning of elements
  • Similar pictures (not the same picture); similar filters/treatments on pictures

Once you have feedback on your “rough draft” designs for Media Arts Pathway, you will select which design elements you want to include in your ad campaign.

Now you will create 6 ads for Galileo’s different Pathways and Academies. There will be one ad each for:

  • Academy of Information Technology (AoIT)
  • Biotech Pathway
  • Environmental Science Academy
  • Health Science Academy
  • Hospitality & Tourism (AoHT)
  • Media Arts Pathway

Make sure all 6 of your ads look like they are part of the same ad campaign!

Due Monday, February 4th, folder named 5lastnameacademies.