SF Sites Tourism Campaign

Once again this will be a two-part assignment:

In the first part you will create three DIFFERENT ads so client can choose what they like. This means different typefaces, different slogans, different treatments of pictures, different layouts. Your grade will be lower if you use the same layout or the same typefaces.

The Ad Campaign is to convince teenagers who live in San Francisco to get out and enjoy the sites around the city. In promoting the “sites” of the city don’t limit yourself to major tourist attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge. Consider that we have amazing architecture in all our neighborhoods, great views, beautiful parks. What else can you find to highlight?

Hand in three JPGs of these ad proposals by Friday, February 8th.

On Tuesday, February 12, Mr. Machtay will give “client” feedback. After that you will develop one finished design and create three different ads that are part of the same ad campaign. This means they will have similar layout, same slogan, same design, etc.

When you make these final three ads, you will also fill out a table (the same table you used to dissect advertisements). You will have to list your logo, your slogan, text, main picture, other images, and — most important — who is your target audience? and what message are you trying to communicate with your ads?

Three JPGs will be due on Friday, February 15th.