Galileo Folder Cover Time!

Welcome to the 2nd Marking Period of Spring Semester. It’s time to work on next Fall’s Galileo Folder Cover.

  • Photoshop file 10 inches high by 8 inches wide, 150 dots per inch (ppi).
  • Hand in a JPG. But DO NOT SAVE FOR WEB as a JPG (that would change it to 72 pixels per inch).
  • Look over Folder Cover designs from previous years (on the wall on the other side of room 101).
  • Use images from pickupdropoff > machtayh > pickup > galileopics09, galileopics10, galileopics11. If can also use pictures that you take of Galileo. If you give Mr. Machtay at least 8 good quality original pictures of Galileo – images that are different from the ones in the folders – you could earn an extra .1 extra credit on this assignment.
  • You may decide to do something very simple. It may be a good original idea that the school ends up using. But if you do that, MAKE A SECOND JPG! You need to show some Photoshop skills to get a good grade.

Due Block Day February 27/28.