Art History Project

Each student has selected an artist. You will now do research to answer the following 6 questions:

  1. Artist’s background and important information about the artist’s life.
  2. How did this person become an artist? (Who/what were influences? Attended art schools? Had mentors?)
  3. What was this artist famous for? (What medium? What style or school of art? Subject matter? Contributions to art history?)
  4. Select 2 important pieces of artwork created by this artist (two different pieces). List the name, date, type of medium used. Why is this work considered important in art history? Why is it good/interesting?
  5. What did critics/art historians say about this artist? What did the artist say about her/his art?
  6. What are your opinions about the artist’s work? What do you like? What don’t you like? Why?


You will not be writing in paragraphs, but writing in Bullet Points that will eventually be used in a PowerPoint presentation. (DO NOT start working in PowerPoint now.) Bullet Points are like “headlines” or an outline. When used in a PowerPoint presentation they supplement (help out) your oral presentation.

  • No more than 40 words per slide
  • No more than 5 bullet points per slide
  • No more than 12 words per bullet point

Your grade depends on following these guidelines. Your challenge is to COMMUNICATE THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION IN BULLET POINT FORM.

Monday you will be placed on teams of 4 students each. Each team will go to one of the following readings about the Early Life of Vincent Van Gogh.




Then your group will confer and decide what Bullet Points you will write for a PowerPoint slide that will be called VINCENT VAN GOGH: EARLY LIFE.

There will be an opportunity for your group to share out Bullet Points. The class will then discuss how best to shorten the list to appropriate number of words for one PowerPoint slide.