Feedback on HTML Pages

A lot of you received similar feedback on your HTML pages for SF Sites Project.

  1. FOLDER SET-UP IS IMPORTANT! HTML pages are the only files inside your site folder. There must also be an images folder inside your site folder. The images folder contains only JPGs and GIFs. (You will lose points on your grade if this is incorrect.)
  2. You were asked to design 2 webpages, both with the same template (same layout) so you only need to write the CSS Formatting and DIVs one time. You need to link page one to page two. If you don’t have enough text for two pages, make your second page all pictures.
  3. ALIGN! ALIGN! ALIGN! Make your pictures the same width so column aligns.
  4. You were asked to use at least three pictures per page. You were told to take your own pictures and not use images from the internet.
  5. In many cases, it’s better to add BORDER for your images. In Photoshop you would have used STROKE on LAYER STYLES. In HTML you use border=”1″ in image tag.
  6. If your text or content is up against the upper left corner that means something is wrong with your DIV. Either: You haven’t placed this content in a DIV; you didn’t name the DIV correctly; you don’t have a close DIV tag.
  7. Add LINE-HEIGHT — when using a small type size, increased line-height in formatting makes it easier to read. Default line-height is 120% font size (so 10pt type would default at 12pt line-height). Make it larger.
  8. Text must be typed — Do not make your text an image. You may use Times New Roman, Verdana, or Trebuchet for your text. No larger than 12pt type.
  9. If your logo is against a solid background, don’t make it a transparent GIF. Just make a GIF with the background color. Transparent GIF is needed if you have a patterned background. Set transparency color to main color of background pattern.