Art Websites Main Page

Due Friday, May 10th. Hand in a folder that contains either (1) 3 Photoshop designs for a main page; or (2) 1 HTML page (with images folder) for the main page.

Design a main page for the Art Websites using Photoshop, maximum size 800px wide by 600px ht. It can be smaller than this, but not larger.

Include a name for the site (maybe “20th Century Art Movements,” or come up with something better) and the words “Produced by Students of the Media Arts Pathway at Galileo Academy, San Francisco, under the supervision of Mr. Machtay. ©2013” Then you need to include 6 links:

  • Abstract Expressionism (link to “abstract/”)
  • Commercial Art (link to “commercial/”)
  • Cubism (link to “cubism/”)
  • Impressionism (link to “impressionism/”)
  • Modern Architecture (link to “modern/”)
  • Pop Art (link to “popart/”)

Use the artwork found in pickupdropoff > machtayh > pickup > artistwebsitesart (the folder is tinted yellow). Make your design look attractive.