New Sports Franchise

Yes, Mr. Machtay read your suggestions for class assignments. Many of you asked to do something about sports, so here goes…

There is a new sports franchise coming to the Bay Area. You can choose which sport: football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, cricket, whatever. They have hired you to create the branding and graphics for the new team.

  1. Name the team the Bay Area ________. Choose the Team Colors and the Team Mascot.
  2. Make 3 DIFFERENT Logos for the team. The logo should include Team Name, Team Colors and Mascot.
  3. For each of the 3 Logos you should use the same name and colors. But use different typefaces and different icons/graphics.
  4. Do NOT take somebody else’s Icon or Graphic!!! You must create your own Icon or Graphic for the Team. Mr. Machtay will show examples.
  5. This must be completed by Tuesday, May 7th. Then you can continue to part 2.
  1. Now that you have three different choices of logos for your team, select one of those logos to use in an ad campaign.
  2. Make three ads that go together in one campaign (same typefaces, same logo, same or similar slogan, similar treatment of picture, etc.). This will be an ad campaign to sell season tickets.
  3. Your ad may feature players on your team — you can include famous players or include yourself as a star player. You could also feature your new stadium or other features you provide for ticket buyers.
  4. Same principles apply: good layout, balance, alignment.
Save the ads as JPG files. Place them in the same folder with your three logos. Name the folder 2lastnamesports. Hand in all work Friday, May 10th.