Decorate a Room


  • In pickup folder get file “roomdecor_overhead.” Save this to your documents folder – make sure you’re NOT working on the file in the pickup folder.
  • This is an overhead view of a large bedroom. There are dimensions (length and width) marked on this layout – every 50 pixels = one foot; therefore 800 pixels = 16 feet.
  • Create a second Photoshop file 800px x 800px. Name this file “intheroom.”
  • Search for furniture. When you find a bed or a desk or chairs or an entertainment center that you like there should be a photo of the item and also dimensions (width and length). Save the image of the item and place that onto your new Photoshop file “intheroom.” Then create a new layer on your Room Overhead and add the dimensions of the item. Place the item in the room.
  • Search for wallpaper, drapes or blinds, floor covering (wood, tile, carpet), and anything you’d like to put up on the walls. Include samples of each of these in the file “intheroom.”