1st Art Challenge: Galileo Banners

Each student will create three different Galileo banners.

  • 400 px wide by 200 px ht
  • School Colors: Purple & Gold or Purple & Orange
  • Image of a Lion — Use FILTERS
  • The word GALILEO (or Galileo Academy or Galileo Academy of Science & Technology or Galileo Lions) — Use LAYER STYLES
  • Name your finished work: class period last name galbanner1, 2 and 3 (so 2wongsgalbanner1 or 3liulgalbanner1 or 5ruizgalbanner1, no spaces, all lower case, no special characters)
  • galbanner1 — A banner for Football Team (bold, bright, attention-getting, big thick letters, mighty lion)
  • galbanner2 — The back of a business card for school principal (serious, businesslike, dignified lion)
  • galbanner3 — Your choice