Your web1 folder

  1. rename your folder 5lastnameweb1
  2. your folder should only contain HTML files
  3. your images folder should only contain JPGs and GIFs
  4. make sure the following files are in your web1 folder (they may have different names):
    • colors2.html (with background color and font color of cells correct)
    • backgrounds2.html (with 14 different backgrounds displayed — the first 12 must be readable)
    • tablecells.html (with the table completed and matching the model of tablemodel.gif)
    • stylesheets.html (we may or may not get to that before the end of this marking period)
    • template.html (you will work on this to display your Photoshop work and HTML links)
    • keep stylesheets.html (we will work on this next marking period)
    • remove excess files
  1. In the images folder make sure the following files are saved in correct format:
    • bg1.gif through bg14.gif (for display on backgrounds)
    • a JPG version of your twins picture (400px x 400px)
    • a JPG version of your landscape saved at 50% original size (300px x 200px)
    • one of your Galileo banners (your choice)
    • a GIF of your colorable.gif (300px x 300px)
    • a 400px x 200px name banner for the top of the page (make it match your background choice)
    • remove any extra files; NO PSD files should be in this folder
  1. Now, on the page template.html do the following:
    • Rename this page index.html
    • Replace each of the placeholder images with your own work
    • Adjust the links so they link to your own HTML pages within the web1 folder
    • Use one of the backgrounds (bg1.gif, etc.) you created
  2. Check all work and make sure it represents you and is the best work you can do