CD Covers

You have been hired to design a CD cover for a new album by your favorite performer (that performer could be you).

Design 3 different CD cover designs: same title, same performer, different designs, different filters, different typefaces, etc. Each one is 400px x 400px, saved as a JPG.

After you complete the three CD covers, choose the one you like best. Use this design — typefaces, pictures, filters, colors — to inspire the additional artwork you’ll make for this project.

DESIGN A POSTER FOR THE SUMMER TOUR: 400px wide by 600px ht. Using your chosen CD cover as inspiration, design a poster for the summer tour. This poster must include:

  • Name of album/summer tour
  • Name of performer
  • Presented by: Your Name
  • Oakland Coliseum, July 10, 2014
  • Ticketmaster

Remember HIERARCHY!!! Which words are most important? (Performer’s Name) Which words are less important? Remember READABILITY!!! Can we read the words against the background?

DESIGN A LOGO FOR THE HAT: 300px x 300px. This can only be one color plus white or black. You may not want to use the entire title or the entire name. What would fit on a simple one-color logo on a hat? What can you take out of your design that would identify this summer tour?