Sports Franchise Logos

You will create a new Sports Franchise for the Bay Area. Design three logos, each one 400px by 400px and each one saved as a GIF. On Friday you’ll hand in a folder called “2lastnamesports”/”3lastnamesports.”

You can choose any sport you like: football, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, squash, cricket, tiddlywinks or quidditch. But the name must begin with BAY AREA… and it must be a NEW NAME. Choose the team colors wisely.

Your logo should also be representative, powerful and simple. Most professional team logos are made up of solid blocks of color. This makes it easy for the logo to be printed on shirts, on hats, or painted onto the field or onto the side of a building. Can your logo successfully communicate what sport your team plays? It’s a challenge.

Can you use photographic images? None of the professional team logos use photographic images. But you could take an image and apply filters to change it into blocks of solid color.

Can you use someone else’s cartoon animal? If the only thing special about your logo is the cute cartoon of the animal (an animal created by some cartoonist and not your work) what should your grade be based on? On the other hand look at how creative (and successful) Coach Mark Huynh was in adapting the Galileo Football Lion into a line drawing.